Small Wins

A client who became a good friend of mine came to me this afternoon to give me a warm hug. At first I was confused and asked her the reason for such a hug, and she said, “I was able to speak English today!” For someone who almost always froze and panicked whenever she had to say anything in English, today was a great achievement for her.

This client works for a major bank in Brazil as a risk management analyst. Every week she attends meetings held in English and communicates every day with other analysts from abroad. So, be able to speak English is a must for her! But her issue wasn’t that she didn’t know any English. Her issue was her fear of making mistakes when she spoke English and what others would probably think of her.

So I met with her one day to understand what was really going on and what she really wanted. When I finally understood what she wanted, I helped her set some goals for herself and we started working on them right away through baby-steps. She never missed any of my exercises and she attended all other activities and opportunities she had to build her confidence and to strengthen her communication skills. As small and insignificant as those activities seemed to be for her, little did she know she was accumulating small wins. And those small wins made all the difference for her at work today.

This event reminded me that through the work we’re willing to put backstage will eventually lead us to the success we’re looking for, or at least  take us to our destiny.

So, the lesson I re-learned today was to never take baby-steps for granted because they are our small wins!


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