Not Being Enough

It’s been said that one of the greatest fear people have is the fear of not being enough. They are afraid of not being funny enough, attractive enough, smart enough, talkative enough, interesting enough, thin enough etc. The feeling of not being enough can especially hit them hard when they are interacting with those they respect and care about–those who they have high expectations for trust, closeness and validation–such as their spouse and children, relatives, friends, business partners, team coworkers, church members etc. As a result, those people might start distancing themselves from those they care about or reacting in ways that will not make their relationships continue to grow. So, what to do then? Just one way to respond to this is to go through a long-term commitment to love more, to tolerate more, to appreciate more, to serve more, to be more patient, and to believe more in self. Do those things until they become effortless behavior and change will eventually happen.


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